Enabling EDIE™

Enabling EDIE™

Develop a greater understanding of dementia from the perspective of a person with dementia and their carer through our new Educational Dementia Immersive Experience, EDIE.

This course is available in:
Course duration:
3 hours
Suitable for:
All staff providing support for people living with dementia in various care settings.

Course description

This immersive workshop enables participants to see the world through the eyes of a person living with dementia utilising high quality virtual reality technology. The workshop enhances your knowledge of dementia whilst exploring a supportive approach to living more confidently with dementia.

This program will explore what it may feel like to experience dementia, care for someone living with dementia and to work in partnership to identify support needs and develop a support plan.

In this 3 hour workshop you will develop a greater understanding of:

dementia across various stages
a consumer perspective of dementia
dementia support considerations including individual and diverse needs
how to identify support needs in partnership with the client and their carer
how to develop a dementia support plan that focuses on enabling a person to live more confidently with dementia


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If you are a health care professional and would like to enquire about booking an Enabling EDIETM workshop at your facility, please contact Suzanne McMeikin or Marie Norman.

If you’re interested in workshops for Family Carers, contact Sophie Hennessy

To register your interest or enquire about this workshop please call 02 8875 4682 or email nsw.education@dementia.org.au
To register your interest or enquire about this workshop please call Klem Hedenig on 08 7979 0076 or email Klem.Hedenig@dementia.org.au
To register your interest or enquire about this workshop please call 08 8372 2100 or email sa.training@dementia.org.au
To register your interest or to enquire about the next available session, please call Kathy Mason on 03 6279 1109 or email Kathy.Mason@dementia.org.au

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