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Level 2 - Skills

Meaningful Engagement

Understand the capacities and abilities of people in the moderate to advanced stages of dementia. Learn how to best engage the person through activities which are meaningful, purposeful and...

Information Session

Is it dementia or old age?

Being brain healthy is important at any age.To lead a brain healthy life you need to look after your brain, your body and your heart - the earlier the better....

Information Session

Your Brain Matters™

You will learn about the five simple steps to maximise your brain health and get tips on living a brain healthy life to potentially reduce your risk of developing dementia....

Information Session

Worried about your memory?

This interactive session will provide an overview of how memory works, the common memory changes that occur with ageing and factors that can impact on memory....


Volunteer companion workshop

In this interactive workshop, learn how dementia can impact on a person’s physical and psychological well-being and what you, as a volunteer companion, can do to engage the person with dementia...

Information Session

Understanding dementia

This session will provide an understanding of dementia by first exploring how a healthy brain works. It will address the main causes, key signs and symptoms of dementia and explain why...

Level 4 - Leadership

Shaping a Montessori Community

This 2 day workshop is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools required to commence the implementation of a Montessori approach into your workplace or organisation....

Level 4 - Leadership

Dementia leadership in hospitals

In this workshop you will explore dementia leadership within health care settings. You will consider tools and strategies for leading dementia practice change whilst meeting recommendations set...

Level 3 - Focus

Intimacy, sexuality and dementia

This workshop broadly covers the topic of intimacy as we age, with dementia being a key area of focus. It draws out meaningful and inspirational conversations around some of the stigmas and...

Level 3 - Focus

iPads for engagement

You will be presented with ways to support reminiscence through digital images, music and games, enable communication with geographically distant family and friends, and much more, all with the...

Level 3 - Focus

Dementia support in hospitals

This session takes a fresh look at the impact of dementia care in hospitals, provides an opportunity to reflect on current practice and explores dementia support strategies in line with clinical...

Level 3 - Focus

Cognitive screening and assessment

This workshop provides you with knowledge and skills in basic screening and assessment to identify potential causes of cognitive change and when you should refer a person for further diagnostic...

Level 3 - Focus

Client focused Montessori

This 3.5 hour program will provide you with a basic understanding of Montessori principles and give you the opportunity to be hands-on in presenting Montessori based activities....

Level 3 - Focus

Acting on delirium

This program will help you to recognise symptoms of delirium, identify possible causes, promote recovery and develop prevention strategies for people living with dementia....

Level 1 - Knowledge

Doorway to dementia

This introductory session provides you with knowledge of dementia and its implication for practice. Learn about specific approaches and strategies to support a person living with dementia and...

Level 3 - Focus

Montessori and Purposeful Engagement


This workshop introduces you to the key Montessori principles and how to create a supportive environment through putting them into practice. You will develop engagement plans that complement...

Level 1 - Knowledge

Virtual Dementia Experience™


Winner of the 2015 Victorian Healthcare Awards, the Microsoft Imagine Cup World Citizenship Award and several other innovation awards, the Virtual Dementia Experience ™ is the world’s first...

Level 2 - Skills

Enabling EDIE™


Develop a greater understanding of dementia from the perspective of a person with dementia and their carer through our new Educational Dementia Immersive Experience, EDIE....